SigArt makes illustrations and art, behind the brand is Robert Sigaard.

SigArt work with visual communication and digital design and art. He creates illustration and art on commission. as an artist Robert is in to storytelling and contrast i image, subject and form. He creates art with the figure as a center.

Traing and work

Trained as an illustrator and artist at the Seminariet for formgivning institute in Denmark and Colchester institute of art. And a master in Digital Design and communication at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Crooked ToonArt:

The concept is based in elements from: Surrealism, cartoon art, figurative paintings and illustration methods.

Toon is taken from CarTOON: the Toon concept can be briefly explained as the drawn / illustrated character's separation from real people in movies and TV, where drawn images is mixed with film.

I use the term CrookedToonArt. Where I work to integrate cartoon characters and human figures, here it gets entangled in each other as surreal creatures that can mirror themselves in contrast and borrow freely from each other's characteristics.

The artwork is a concept of contrasts between the 2 figuretypes, as well as between darkness and light.

Definition of crooked:
Webster Dictionary:
* Not straight: a crooked road. Your tie is crooked.
Urban Dictionary:
* A thief, a criminal, a crook or a dishonest or immoral person in a position of authority who abuses his/her power. 

The Crooked element covers anything that is bent and twisted, and exists in the shaded area between light and darkness. The artworks are grounded with humorous elements of dark/sarcastic humor as well as slapstick and platitudes. Humor becomes the contrast to the darkness and a serious baseline. Combined they give strength and subtext to each other. CrookedToonArt elements compliment each other and create dynamics and perspective.

You can see the most significant and clear examples of this style in my drawings and oil paintings in the art section on this website. But also in my children's paintings and children's books are working to phase in and develop this concept.

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E-mail: mail@sigart.dk